Successful people fascinate us. We are intrigued by how they live and how they achieve success. So, we study their habits and best practices. In studying the time management techniques of successful people like Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffet and Albert Einstein, serial entrepreneur Michael Simmons discovered a common practice these high performers shared. He calls the practice, compound time.

Compound time refers to the large return that is generated over the long term from a small investment made now. If you want to focus your time so that you have maximum impact as a leader you can adopt the practice of compound time, too. According to Simmons, here are 6 practices you can adopt that will allow you to compound your time:

  1. Keep a Journal: Engaging in regular journaling can have a major impact on your personal development. For example, use a prompt to flesh out your thoughts around an idea or a concept. Perhaps there is a leadership quote that really inspires you. Use that quote to launch your journal entry and write about how you can incorporate qualities addressed in the quote into your leadership style. Perhaps you are experiencing a personal challenge. You can use that challenge as a prompt to explore possible solutions. Using prompts during journaling will help you process your thoughts and will help you become a more effective leader over time.
  2. Take a Nap: Research shows that napping has many benefits from reduced stress to improved memory. Napping allows you to clear your mind and boost your energy. You can accomplish so much more with a clear head and extra energy to get you through those tough days.
  3. Go for a Walk: Top performers include exercise in their daily routine. Walking is the most common form of exercise and it’s the easiest to incorporate into a daily routine. Walking gets your blood circulating and improves creativity.
  4. Read: Reading is no doubt the quickest way to access information and gain knowledge. Investing time in reading articles and books about subjects that can enhance your life and leadership abilities can be life transforming.
  5. Talk: There is nothing like sharing and co-creating with someone who is like-minded. There is power in banter, discussion and debate. A sharpening occurs when ideas are shared and fleshed out. This kind of exchange can lead to creative work with long lasting impact.
  6. Experiment: Many of the high performers that we read about today are not overnight successes. Their success came after experimenting with many methods and business models. Only after much trial and error have they attained success. Success requires a level of risk and experimentation to refine ideas and perfect solutions.

So, if you want to follow in the footsteps of high performers, slow down the pace of your busy life and begin to incorporate these 6 activities into your daily schedule and routine. You will see that over time, compound time will pay rich rewards.