Clarify Your Unique God-Given Purpose

Christian Coaching

Christian Life Coaching

God created you for a unique purpose. As your Christian Life Coach, Ellie Nieves will partner with you for 10 sessions as you embark on your journey of learning the Lord’s desire for your life. Christian Life Coaching is about understanding how to use the abilities, gifts, and strengths that God gave you to carry out HIS plan for your life. It’s about living a deeper, more meaningful life.

If you find yourself wondering: Why am I here? What can I contribute? What should I be doing with my life? Ellie will help you to achieve clarity, stay focused, and sustain your determination. The book ‘Conversations on Purpose’ by Dr. Katie Brazelton will be used to guide your 55-minute telephone coaching sessions. Evening hours are available.

Christian Breakthrough Retreat

Two-Day Christian Women’s Break Thru Facilitation

The Two-Day Christian Women’s Break Thru Facilitation is a private, one-to-one 2-day personal retreat. Ellie Nieves will work with you to examine your past and your present in order to develop a strategic Life Plan for your future.

During the facilitation, Ellie will work with you to discover:


Your passions, gifts, achievements, challenges, and opportunities


The 10 defining moments of your life


Your goals and plans for the future


The themes and patterns that keep repeating in your life

The Two-Day Christian Women’s Break Thru Facilitation will help you to gain insight and direction as you develop a larger vision for your life that goes beyond your day-to-day to-do list. The facilitation is the first step in helping you break through the limiting patterns in your life and help you clarify your unique God-given purpose. For 2 days, you will become intensely focused on your goals and you will walk away with a 3 – 5 year written Strategic Life Plan and Action Guide that will help you to create a more fulfilling life. Facilitations are held in the beautiful Hudson Valley in New York.


“I am extremely blessed to have chosen Ellie as my Life Purpose Coach. When Ellie asked to facilitate my Life Plan I was thrilled. Our coaching sessions were always carefully planned and Ellie exuded a sense of trust and spiritual maturity that I had only discovered among a few. I was going through quite a difficult time as I juggled the responsibilities of being a mother, caretaker and faced the difficulties involved with relocating. The Life Plan was so timely!!! As Ellie and I looked at the big “movie screen” of my life, my faith was renewed and I was strongly encouraged as she gently reminded me that God would see me through these difficult moments in my life in the same way He had done throughout my entire life. She enabled me to
scrutinize my life through her patient, loving, and persistent guidance. In addition, Ellie made it easy for me to dream and have a desire to pursue possible avenues of my own life that I thought I would never have time for. I am forever grateful for this experience and pray that God will continue to use Ellie as a gifted encourager, friend and spiritual guide.”
~ Ruth Vazquez, Mother and School Teacher

Book Ellie to Speak at Your Next Event.

Book Ellie to Speak at Your Next Event.

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