Podcasts 5

Living Your Dreams

Tune in for a discussion on Living Your Dreams. Our Guest will be Ellie’s friend and mentor, Dr. Katie Brazelton. Dr. Brazelton is the author of the best selling books, The Pathway to Purpose and Character Makeover, 40 Days with a Life Coach to Create the Best You. Dr. Brazelton is also the Founder of Life Purpose Coaching Centers Internationa

Leadership Strategies for Achieving Financial Freedom

Are you working too much? Stressed about your finances? Not spending enough time with loved ones? If you have a burning desire to change your financial situation, tune in to this show for strategies to get you on the road to financial freedom. Our guest will be attorney, speaker, trainer and author Star Bobatoon.

Amazing Woman Power and Success

Tune in for a discussion on Amazing Woman Power and Success. Our guest will be Marsh Engle. Marsh is CEO of Marsh Engle Media and the Creator of Amazing Women’s Day Worldwide.

Communicating with Impact!

Tune in for a discussion on how to communicate with impact. Our guest will be Diane DiResta. Diane is an internationally recognized expert on the fine art of public speaking and commanding more influence at work.

The Power of Women's Networks

Too often, women are excluded from informal networks where important information is shared and a sense of belonging is built. Women’s networks offer an alternative and provide opportunities where women can make business and personal connections, discover their own events, discuss issues specifically related to them, and find resources for career advancement. Tune in for a discussion on the Power of Women's Networks with special guest Karin Janin, the Director of the Mid-Hudson Women's Network of New York.

Fostering Executive Leadership in Women

Tune in for a discussion on Fostering Executive Leadership in Women with guest Dr. Tammy Wong.

Speaking for Success

Tune in for a discussion on Speaking for Success with guest Dianne Legro. Too often women's voices are not heard in the workplace. For many women, the problem is the way they speak and the language that they use. In today's workplace it's important that you not only speak to speak, but that you speak to influence.

Shifting into High Gear

Tune in for a Discussion on Shifting into High Gear. Our guest will be successful real estate investor and motivational speaker Keryl Pesce. Learn how to shift your beliefs, shift your focus, shift your direction and shift into high gear!

Unlimited Winning and Leadership

Tune in for a discussion on how to Win and Lead. Our guest will be motivational speaker John Garcia. John shares valuable insights gained from over 31 years of "in-the-trenches" military and corporate leadership. Nothing is held back. You'll learn how to overcome adversity and be more effective your leadership role.

How to get promoted

Tune in for a discussion on developing the leadership skills you need to get you to the next level. Our guest will be independent Licensed LifeSuccess Consultant, Miguel de Jesus. Miguel has over 38 years of experience leading organizations to high levels of productivity and achievement, while creating a culture of personal growth, development, and achievement.

Networking for Career Success

Networking and career advancement go hand-in-hand in your development as a leader. Where and how you spend your time networking will be largely determined by where you are in your life and in your career as well as where you want to go.

Leadership Strategies for Effective Social Networking

Social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter have become more than a fun diversion. They have quickly become platforms for professionals, entrepreneurs, businesses, not-for-profits, and politicians to increase visibility, awareness and monetize expertise. Tune into my radio show on Tuesday, March 31st at 6:30 pm EST for a discussion on Strategies for Successful Social Networking. My guest will be the Pied Piper of Social Marketing herself, Mari Smith. Dubbed “the Pied Piper of Facebook” by FastCompany.com, Mari Smith is a Relationship Marketing Specialist and Social Media Business Coach. She helps entrepreneurs to accelerate their business profits using an integrated social marketing strategy, with particular focus on Facebook and Twitter. Mari is passionate about showing fellow professionals how to develop powerful profitable relationships using social media. I will take questions for Mari via Chat live during the Radio Show at www.BlogTalkRadio.com/Ellie-Nieves or you can send me your questions in advance of the show via Facebook.

Leadership Strategies for a Career Makeover

Tune in for a discussion on Making Over Your Career. Our guest will be Career Coach, Tai Goodwin.

Developing a Vision for Success

Tune in for a discussion on Developing a Vision for Success. Our guest will be Business Strategist and Passionista, Ali B. Rodriguez.

Leadership Strategies for Women

Tune in for Some Coaching on The Go as Ellie Nieves provides you with tips to help you step into a leadership role.

The Leadership Strategy of Self-Evaluation

Tune in for Some Coaching on the Go as Ellie Nieves provides you with Biblical insight on self-reflection.

Facing Your Fears

Tune in for some Coaching on the Go as Ellie Nieves provides you with 3 steps to help you Facing Your Fears so that you can live boldly.

Leadership Strategies for Achieving Work Life Balance

Tune in for a Discussion with Marylin Suttle on Achieving Work Life Balance.

Doing Away with Toxic Relationships

Tune in for a discussion on how to identify and manage the toxic relationships in your life. Our guest will be Valorie Parker, Founder of From the Soul of a Woman

Leadership Strategies for Successful Relationships

Tune in for a discussion on how to build successful friendships. Our guest will be Susie Williamson, Women's Ministry Leader at Valley Christian Church, New York.

Leadership Strategies for a Successful Marriage

Tune in for a discussion with Toni Ferguson, Director of Marriage Builders at Christian Faith Fellowship Family Church for strategies for a successful marriage relationship.