Podcast 4

Planning for Career Success in 2010

Get in gear for 2010! Tune in to Ellie Nieves' radio show on Tuesday, December 22nd at 6:30pm EST on BlogTalkRadio for a discussion on Planning for Career Success in 2010. Our guest will be Success Consultant Miguel deJesus.

You're Fired. Now What?

Have you recently been laid off? Tune in to this show for strategies on how to manage during your transition. Our guest will be Orietta Ramirez the author of the "You're Fired" blog series on www.CareerJockey.com.

Define, Promote, and Live Your Powerful Personal Brand

Tune in to Ellie Nieves' show as she interviews Lethia Owens, a certified Personal Branding & Social Media Strategist. Lethia will share strategies that will challenge you to be bold, stand out and get noticed. You are bigger, more powerful and more valuable than you have ever been taught to believe.

How to Become the CEO of Me, Inc.

Tune in to Ellie Nieves' radio program on Friday, November 27th at 1:00pm Eastern to learn how you can become the CEO of ME, Inc. Our guest will be Rod Colon the founder and CEO of ETP Network. Rod will share key strategies that will shift your focus and help you to take your career and business to the next level.

Succeeding Against the Odds: Advice From Women Entrepreneurs Who Are Living Their Dreams

Tune in to get advice from 4 Dynamic Women Leaders who have decided to pursue their dreams of entrepreneurship. If you have ever wanted to be your own boss - you won't want to miss this radio show.

Acivate Your Personal GPS

We all have a personal “internal” GPS device that often lies dormant inside of us that if we were to simply activate it, we could transform our lives and create and design a new life for ourselves. Tune-in for some motivation and inspiration as Ellie Nieves interviews Andy Henriquez, a distinguished professional speaker, real estate investor, author and mentor.

Paving Your Road to Leadership

Tune in as we kick-off our Fall Season and get back into the swing of things. Our guest will be Jo Miller the CEO of Women's Leadership Coaching. Jo will share advice on how to manage your career and advance into a leadership role.

Living the Dream

Tune in to Ellie's radio program as she interviews George Martinez, the Founder of GlobalBlock.org. Hon. George "Rithm" Martinez is an international artist/ activist / educator and a political pioneer of the Hip-Hop community. George will talk about how he combined his love of music and political activism to live his dream

Winning in a Man's World

Do you want to learn how to win in a man's world? Then tune in to Ellie's radio show. Guest Renee Weisman, the author of the book "Winning in a Man's World" will provide advice for women who want to succeed and the men who work with them.

Leadership Principles for Success

Tune in to listen to Anthony Quinones, host of "Your Point of Q" radio program, as he interviews Ellie Nieves on her Leadership Principles for Success.

Developing Your Personal Brand

Tune in and listen to an episode of From Bright to Brilliant with host, Career Coach Tai Goodwin as she interviews Ellie Nieves on Developing Your Personal Brand.