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Ellie Nieves can guide you there. Ellie’s coaching helps aspiring women leaders to communicate with confidence, establish credibility in the workplace, and effectively influence and lead.


Ellie Nieves, JD, MBA 

Fresh out of law school, Ellie Nieves cut her teeth in the high stakes game of New York City politics. Often the youngest, and many times the only woman, sitting at the table, she earned a reputation as a much sought-after strategist. Through her unrelenting work ethic and leadership ability, she was recruited for campaign leadership roles such as New York State Political Director and Campaign Manager for national and city-wide campaigns. Ellie eventually transitioned into the private sector and became an award-winning attorney for the Government Relations Department at MetLife; later working as Chief of Staff to the President of MetLife International.

Today, she is Vice President & Counsel, Government Affairs at a Fortune 500 company. Ellie is also the Founder and President of Leadership Strategies for Women®, LLC where she leverages her extensive experience to create career-enhancing strategies for women around the country with her coaching. She also leads seminars and webinars for organizations that want to develop their emerging women leaders into effective managers and executives.

Ellie graduated from Fordham University with a BA in Communications and received her Law Degree from Pace University School of Law. In 2014, she received an MBA from New York University with specializations in Global Business and Leadership. Ellie has been profiled as a corporate leader by Hispanic Executive Magazine and has been recognized as a top woman in business by Hudson Valley Magazine.


Ellie's speaking and coaching programs will help you to establish your credibility in the workplace, communicate with confidence, increase your visibility and establish your reputation as a leader.


Professional Speaking & WEBINARS

Ellie Nieves works with and speaks for companies, organizations, and associations that want to develop their emerging leaders into effective managers and executives.  Ellie’s keynote presentations, breakouts, retreats and workshops help emerging leaders to develop leadership skills, set strategic goals, bolster effectiveness and create a personal brand.

Topics include:

  • Developing Your Vision for Success™
  • Show Up, Speak Up, and Step Up: 3 Leadership Strategies for Emerging Women Leaders™
  • How to Stand Out: Developing Your Personal Brand™
  • Building Powerful Partnerships and Networks™
  • Latinas on the Rise: Leadership Strategies for Career Success™
  • Faith at Work: Career Success Without Compromise™

Ellie Nieves facilitated an informative and insightful presentation entitled “You, Inc., Developing Your Personal Brand” at the BET Leading Women Defined conference to a packed room of multi-generational women spanning the C-Suite, high school and college. Her unique ability to engage and inspire the entire group while also managing group exercises and maintaining a high level of energy in the room was excellent. Her honest advice and personal anecdotes was a great way to launch this annual conference focused on women’s empowerment. Thank you Ellie for participating, you did a great job!

Nneka Norville
BET Networks

Ellie presented a webinar for the National Hispana Leadership Institute entitled “Latinas on the Rise: Leadership Strategies for Career Success.” The material was informative and motivating. It was full of practical advice and applicable tips for women eager to further their careers. Ellie brings to the table not only a wealth of experience, but a great, confident delivery. I hope we are fortunate enough to work with her again in the future.

Danielle May

Ellie Nieves is an effective career coach because she provides concrete examples of strategies to put into action and connects well with her audience in a short time frame. She is able to deliver thoughtful and realistic solutions to tough work problems. Our employees continue to rave about her “Show up, Speak up and Step up” presentation. This presentation is highly recommended for companies looking to motivate and guide their employees up the corporate ladder.

Lissa Bourjolly


One-On-One Women’s Leadership Coaching

Ellie Nieves coaches women who want to advance in their careers and want to achieve more both personally and professionally. Ellie’s one-on-one women’s leadership coaching program is designed to help you identify your strengths and develop your unique leadership style. You will learn how to increase your credibility in the workplace while expanding your sphere of influence. You will also discover how to achieve more in your life. Sessions are conducted by telephone for 55-minutes per session. A minimum of 5 sessions is required. All information shared during the sessions will be kept confidential.


Ellie, I recently got promoted into a new team, so excited! I couldn’t have made it here without you!

HR Professional

It has been a blessing to find Ellie during my career transition. Every session provided a sense of enlightenment, while instilling and fomenting new ideas and beliefs. Ellie’s ability, through her insightful questions, thoughtful observations, and gentle energy, revealed a realm of dreams, aspirations and hopeful opportunities that will take hold. I looked forward to every session and left complete in joy and confidence, my soul was singing. Our work together continues to be inspiring and uplifting, both professionally, as well as personally. To say I am a more focused,revitalized professional and, more importantly, a better woman, for it, is only the tip of the iceberg. Onward and upward!

Orietta Ramirez

My coaching experience with Ellie was phenomenal! She helped me see the value I bring to the table by pointing out qualities I never realized I had. Thank you for giving me back my confidence!

Marisol Caballero

My coaching experience with Ellie was on purpose, planned and action oriented. It gave me the opportunity to further understand my strengths, to reflect on my present and future professional goals. What I enjoyed the most was the open and direct conversation I could have with Ellie to get me thinking about what is next for me. The exercises were fun and very effective. I believe that the time invested was so worth it! I now have clarity and have set goals both short and longer term. So for anyone seeking to take their professional life to the next level, this is the coach for you!

Diversity Specialist



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